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Connecting to God through Shiloh
Growing in Christ through the study of the Word of God
Serving God through service to each other and to the world

Shiloh Bible Institute - Fall Classes

SMBC Bible Institute classes will be held August 14th - October 10th.  The Shiloh Bible Institute is open to members, family, and friends interested in learning about the Bible.  Click here for more information and online registration.     

Member Contact Information 

Please click here to update your contact information to receive important communciations regarding church events, closings, event cancellations, and severe weather alerts and announcements.   

Service Times

Sundays: 10:45 am
Wednesdays: 7pm

920 E. 14th St.
Plano, TX, 75074
Ph. 972.423.6695
Fax: 972.422.8267