Thursday, April 17, 2014 12:39 AM

April 17, 2014

Thursday, April 17, 2014 12:39 AM
Thursday, April 17, 2014 12:39 AM

John 13: 31-38 

The English word "Maundy" dates back to the fifteenth century. It comes to us from an Old French word, which is in turn derived from the Latin word mandatum, meaning "commandment". (Our word "mandate" comes from this same Latin word.) This is the word used in John 13:34 in the Latin translation of the Bible.

John's account of the night of the Last Supper includes a long discourse by Jesus to the disciples. There are many interesting and valuable thoughts in this portion of John's Gospel. But centuries ago the church realized that the most important point in what Jesus said to his disciples that night was that they should love each other as he had loved them. This verse gave this day the name by which many Christians still know it.

So Maundy Thursday, or "Commandment Thursday", could also be called "Love Thursday". Today is all about love. It is about the love of a Savior for his people, the people whom he has come to save, and the people for whom he will go to the cross. It is also about our love for one another. One of the last things Jesus told his disciples before his arrest and crucifixion was that they should love one another as he had loved them. By this the world would know that they belonged to Jesus.

On Maundy Thursday, we can pause to reflect on the love of Jesus for us, and on our love for one another. Do we show the world around us that we are Christians by loving each other as Jesus loved us? Do we love one another as Jesus loved us? Personally, I think I can still learn a lot about love by reading Jesus' words and following his example.

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