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March 26, 2014

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Genesis 12:1-7

The trouble with relatively familiar passages of the Bible (like this one) is that we might be tempted to read them too fast, saying, “Oh, I already know this one.” If we don’t slow down and absorb what each word of the passage is saying, we risk missing out on important observations. Consider the following:

• God had scattered all the peoples of the world in the previous chapter (Gen 11), primarily because they had attempted to elevate themselves to a place higher than God. Even when God disperses and/or punishes the people of this world, His plan of redemption is still being accomplished. He’s not going to be dissuaded from providing a way of salvation for all peoples, even when they’ve recently been really bad.

• This passage is referred to as “The Call of Abram.” It’s significant that God also records the names of the other family members around Abram (his father, uncles, wife, nephew, etc.). Families are important to the work of God here on earth.

• Abram was not a believer when he was called. As a matter of fact, he was more than likely a pagan idol-worshiper (at best). And yet, Abram still obeyed God’s call on his life. How many of us were obedient to God’s call when He first spoke to us?

• It appears as though Abram was 75 years old when he was called by God. Our age should not be something that restricts us from being used by God to accomplish His purposes on earth. We must not limit God’s plan for our lives based on our age or stage in life. As a matter of fact, as long as we have life and breath, our sovereign God may want to use us for His purposes.

• The “land” is still an important part of God’s blessings on Abram’s descendants. It is not a coincidence that frequently all the eyes of the world are turned toward this land. God continues to bless those who bless Israel (His chosen people), even today.

• Finally, it is important to note that God first spoke to Abram. God reached out to Abram before Abram reached out to God. That’s still how it works today. God is the one that pursues us.

The next time you are reading a passage of Scripture that is somewhat familiar to you, slow down. Take the time to look for important observations that might be “hidden” within words you’ve heard or read before. Be blessed by all the truths and principles contained in each and every passage of Scripture.

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