Dear Graduating Senior,

The Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church Achievement Scholarship Committees invites you to apply for one of its achievement scholarships. The recipients of theses scholarships will be announced during our Award Ceremony banquet in June of this year. The date for ceremony will be sent to you in a separate invitation. These scholarships are awarded based on Church ministry participation, community and school participation, scholastic average, letters of recommendation, and a written application essay.

Please take note of the scholarship application package that you have received. The scholarship application form combines all of our participating ministries at Shiloh. You may apply for all of the scholarship except where indicated on the application form.   

To be eligible to be considered for these scholarships, you must be an active member of the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church for one year prior to graduating and will enroll in an institution of higher education or Trade School. 

You may complete the application and recommendation form on-line and email the completed application packet to If you prefer you, may print and return the completed application form to the Church Business office by the May 19, 2017 deadline. Those student who have received an Athletic scholarship, please discuss this with your youth minster, youth coordinator before applying for these scholarships.

No application will be accepted or considered after this date. 

Our Pastor and Shiloh membership praise God for blessing you on your recent achievement. It is our prayers that God will enable you to achieve the same success in the years to come.  We certainly hope that as you strive for excellence in the institutions of higher education that you will remember the Christian values that you have been taught over the years and by all means place your trust in God.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the following persons who will provide you with the needed information or directions.

Sis. Vanessa Johnson

Minister Brian McCray 

Minister Eugene Thomas