The Power of a Praying Woman at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church - Plano

The Power of a Praying Woman at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church - Plano

 In the quiet corners of our sanctuary, where sunlight filters through east facing glass windows, there exists a force that transcends time and circumstance—the power of a praying woman.

She kneels, not in weakness, but in communion with the Almighty. Her prayers echo through generations, weaving a tapestry of faith. When she prays, heaven leans in to listen.

Like the praise dancers who sway gracefully during worship, she intercedes for her family, her church, and her community. Her petitions rise like incense, filling the halls with hope.

She clings to Scripture—the sword that cuts through doubt and fear. Her Bible, worn and cherished, holds promises that sustain her. She knows that God’s Word is her compass.

She stands on the shoulders of praying grandmothers, mothers, and sisters. Their whispered “Hallelujahs” echo in her heart. She carries their torch, illuminating the path for others.

In the fellowship hall, over coffee and doughnuts, she joins other women. They share burdens, laughter, and tears. Together, they form an unbreakable circle of prayer.

May the power of a praying woman continue to weave its sacred tapestry within our church walls and beyond. As they stand together, anchored in faith, may their intercession be a symphony of hope—a legacy that echoes through eternity. 

Scripture to Meditate Upon“The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” (James 5:16, NIV)


Celebrating Chenequa Bibles-Daniels!

🌟 Celebrating Chenequa Bibles-Daniels! 🌟
Let’s take a moment to recognize the incredible contributions of our beloved sister, Chenequa Bibles-Daniels.
Chenequa wears many hats within our church community, and she does so with grace and dedication:
Vacation Bible School Planner: Year after year, Chenequa ensures that our VBS is a memorable and enriching experience for our children. Her attention to detail and creativity shine through in every activity.
AWANA Youth Program Commander: As a leader in our AWANA program, Chenequa inspires our youth to grow in faith, character, and service. Her passion for mentoring shines brightly.
Children’s Church Teacher: The little ones adore her! Chenequa’s lessons are engaging, age-appropriate, and full of love. She plants seeds of faith that will bear fruit for years to come.
New Member Intake Ministry: When newcomers join our church family, Chenequa warmly welcomes them. Her smile and genuine care make everyone feel at home.
Nurses Ministry: In times of need, Chenequa is there. Whether it’s a comforting word or practical assistance, she serves with compassion.
Security Ministry: Keeping our church safe is no small task, and Chenequa takes it seriously. Her vigilance ensures that our worship space remains a sanctuary.
Beyond her church roles, Chenequa is the heart of her family. As the devoted wife of Deacon Daniels and a loving mother to four children, she exemplifies faith, love, and resilience.
Let’s celebrate Chenequa today and every day!

Spotlight at Shiloh: Family VBS

🌟 Spotlight at Shiloh: Family VBS Recap! 🌟
What an incredible week we've had at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church with our Family Vacation Bible School!
🎉 From inspiring lessons to exciting games, crafts, and fellowship, our community came together to learn, grow, and have a blast.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Families bonded over faith-filled activities.
🎨 Kids unleashed their creativity with fun crafts.
🏃‍♂️ Everyone enjoyed energetic games and friendly competitions.
🙏 Heartwarming moments of worship and prayer brought us closer to God and each other.
Check out our recap video to relive all the fun and see the smiles that made this week unforgettable.
We can't wait to do it all again next year!