Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church
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920 E. 14th Street Plano, TX 75074

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"Broken To Be Blessed"
by Pastor, Isiah Joshua, Jr.

Passage: Job 13: 15-16

               Job 42: 10-13


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Connect to God through Shiloh, Grow in Christ through the study of the Word of God, Serve God through service to each other and the world.

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Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church is a historic and strong 135 year old church located in East Plano, which serves the north Dallas region. Having begun in 1884 with just a handful of faithful believers, the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church was founded on rich Biblical principles and has grown significantly through the years. Shiloh strives to meet all the spiritual needs of its flock through a variety of ministries, all of which are anchored in the word of God. These ministries are also offered to non-members living in the surrounding community.