Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church
Where Community Becomes Family

920 14th Street Plano, TX 75074



Sunday Worship Service



Midweek Manna @ Shiloh

Wednesday, 6:50PM






SMBC Mission Statement 2024

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church is dedicated to creating an embracing and spiritual community for all, members and non-members alike, united in faith in the Holy Trinity – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Our mission is to cultivate a welcoming, family-like atmosphere where everyone can worship and grow in a spirit-filled, secure environment, free from worries.

Our purpose is deeply rooted in the belief of enriching lives here on Earth while also expanding the heavenly fold. We are committed to building a vibrant earthly kingdom that reflects God's love and grace, fostering a community where faith thrives and every individual feels at home in their spiritual journey.

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Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church is a historic and strong 139 year old church located in East Plano, which serves the north Dallas region. Having begun in 1884 with just a handful of faithful believers, the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church was founded on rich Biblical principles and has grown significantly through the years. Shiloh strives to meet all the spiritual needs of its flock through a variety of ministries, all of which are anchored in the word of God. These ministries are also offered to non-members living in the surrounding community.