Shiloh Bible Institute

The Shiloh Bible Institute's mission is "to provide the spiritual tools necessary to stimulate spiritual growth, to develop teachers and leaders, and to prepare the body of Christ as workmen unashamed of the Gospel through sound bible teaching."

We offer a variety of courses that help us accomplish this mission and facilitate the growth that people are seeking. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!


Foundational Courses

How to Study the Bible - This course teaches the student how to study the Bible for spiritual growth and understanding. The student will learn how to use the Inductive Bible Study approach to  interpret scripture and apply it to their lives.  

Ministry of the Holy Spirit - This course provides the doctrinal beliefs necessary for the student to understand the person, role, and power of the Holy Spirit. The course teaches the student the role the Holy Spirit plays in the life of the believer.  

Growing Toward Spiritual Maturity - This course develops a strategy for identifying and understanding how we grow spiritually, this course will help us to become more intentional in Bible study, prayer, lifestyle choices, evangelism, and spiritual gifts.  

After completing the following courses, the student will be awarded a Foundational Church Ministries Certificate.  


Standard Church Ministry Courses

Old Testament Survey - This course provides a sweeping overview of God's working from creation through the books of prophecy and poetry. The overall class is divided into three separate course sessions to cover all topics.  

New Testament Survey  - This course presents a chronological sequence to New Testament study centralized by a central theme—the person of Christ. Divisions are the synoptic Gospels, the Gospel of John, the Book of Acts, the Pauline Epistles in chronological order, the General Epistles, and the Book of Revelation.   

Ministry of Evangelism - Equips the believer to carry out Jesus mission to spread the Gospel. This course is designed to make disciples that make disciples. It also explains the doctrine of the Gospel so believers can effectively communicate it to others around them.

After completing the following courses, the student will be awarded a Standard Church Ministries Certificate.  


Advanced Church Ministry Courses

Spiritual Warfare - This course deals with preparing the believer for spiritual warfare as they are taught to embrace their authority in the spirit realm. Disciplines of prayer will be explored further as a battle tactic. Come learn about your authority in the Spirit and embrace your role as more than conquerors through Jesus Christ.

Breakthrough Prayer - This course is the study of praying for spiritual breakthrough in the life of the believer. Includes the power of prayer to break strongholds, prayer through praise and worship, and empowering the believer through prayer.  

Revelation and the End Times - Study of the book of Revelation, touching on the basic doctrines of eschatology or the end times. The study uses the Book of Revelation to explain the views of the rapture, tribulation, and millennial period as well as the final judgment of God.