The History of Shiloh

The Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church was founded in November 1884, by Reverend Sutton E. Griggs, Reverend Keen and Reverend John Coleman.  Joseph Clapper donated the land on which the church was built.  Shiloh’s first pastor was the Reverend John Coleman. 

In 1908, a church building was erected to house the expanding congregation.  An association of Baptist churches, known as the Northwest Association was formed at this same time.  Shiloh joined and A.S. Drake of Shiloh was named secretary.  The first organization expanded and the name was changed to The Galilee Griggs Memorial Association.  Shiloh presently retains a membership in this same organization.  

Changing Times

Six pastors succeeded Rev. Stewart in service, prayer, worship and glorification of our Lord in the first church building.  They were Rev. Hartman, Rev. G.B. Williams, Rev. E. Williams, Rev. Adair, Rev. Winston and Rev. A.L. Russell. The original church building was built in 1918 during the faithful watch of Rev. Russell.  Rev. Menorgan succeeded Rev. Russell and with his in God’s hand, continued on this spirit led journey.  As Shiloh waxed strong and continued growing in spiritual maturity, she continued her physical development.  In 1952, we were blessed with the following additions to the building:  kitchen, dining room, pastor’s study and choir room.  The first worship service was held in that edifice in November of 1964, under the spiritual leadership of   Rev. L. H. Harper.  After 44 years of faithful service, Rev. Harper retired in 1966.  His successor, Rev. C. S. Trimble, took the helm and served 27 years.  During his tenure as pastor, Rev. Trimble served 15 years as Second Vice-Moderator of The Galilee Griggs Association and 5 years as First Vice Moderator.  He was blessed to serve as Moderator from 1993 until his passing in 1994.  On September 15, 1995, the congregation called Rev. Isiah Joshua, Jr., to pastor the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. 

The Vision

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church is proud of its founding fathers, who always had the insight to see the needs of the church. Under Pastor Joshua’s leadership, the church began to revisit its plans to rebuild a new Worship Center that would include many classrooms, fellowship space and many new ministries.  The pastor offered a challenge to the congregation to play a significant role in the building process through participation in the United We Build capital fund-raising program with the key idea being, “Not Equal Giving, but Equal Sacrifice”.  On April 25, 1999 the church held the ground breaking ceremony for the new sanctuary.  On June 3, 2001 the first service was held in the newly erected sanctuary, located at 920 14th Street. 117 years into the vision, we remained true to that vision, and true to God’s will.  We built Him a sanctuary, not just of mortar and brick, but one of sacrifice and praise.  This was a monumental task, but again we were made to understand that “there is nothing to hard for God?”  With the same insight, planning and spiritual preparation as our founding Fathers, we accepted the challenge and the charge – to build.

As a true visionary, our Pastor, Reverend Isiah Joshua, Jr. continues to lead our church forward.  True to his vision, many new ministries have been formed.  Our Pantry “His Extended Hands” provides help to those in need in and around the community; Start of the AWANA ministry in 2005 whose mission is teaching children and youth to come to know, love and serve Christ Jesus.  Our Children’s Church became a reality in July 2006.  Minister Mathew Berry was appointed as Youth Pastor to lead this very important ministry.   The vision continues as new ministries, such as the IT ministry, enhanced state-of-the art audio video ministry, the revised new members orientation and the Bus Ministry, are all added for the up-building of God’s kingdom